Happy Single Awarness Day


I don’t know why every February, we women go bat shit crazy over one day. Honestly, we all do it even if we really have convinced ourselves that it is just another day. I know I have done it.

Like this year, I’ve totally told myself it is just another holiday (a stupid one at that); however, I know the week of Valentines I will walk into a store and it will come over me. I am single once again, on Valentines. 

Every year I am single, I either get dumped before or just am not talking to anyone. I can honestly say, in my whole 24 years of life, I have had one Valentine. Dominique was my first and last Valentine, it was cute, I mean he brought me a big bear and some candy (although he had another one in the car for someone else as well). That was my first year in school and never again have I had one since then.

So Liz, what are you going to do this Valentine’s Day you ask?  I don’t know! But here is The Rundown on being single on Valentine’s Day.

  1. You are not alone – Look there are over 90 million single people in the world (believe me, I googled it). You’re not alone! There is no reason for you to sit at home alone and drink two bottles of wine. Nothing good can come from being drunk alone with your cellphone. Last Valentine’s day, yours truly and my best friend at the time went to see The Vow together.  The movie theater was full of couples, so in love and there I was with one of my girlfriends, having the best time ever. Who made this rule that your Valentine needs to be of the opposite sex. That’s stupid! You’re not alone so find some other single and go out and have fun.
  2. Misery doesn’t need company – If you insist on staying home alone on Valentine’s Day, don’t make everyone else in your life feel like they are there with you. It isn’t nice to make everyone else’s day shitty because you wanted to be alone. I know, I know it sucks when all your friends are coupled up and your news feed is over flowing with pictures of roses that you didn’t get; but, It isn’t the end of the world (the flowers will die in a week anyway).
  3. Eat like shit and be happy as hell for one day – The 14th is the only day this month that I will tell you it is ok to get your girls together, raid the Valentine candy aisle at Target,  and down three bottles of wine; however, this is only if you are with your girls. I think the best Valentines are the people who know you the best, and who other than your girlfriends.


I want to know what you guys did for Valentines Day!!

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